International Marine Underwriters inland marine floaters insurance
We are a market for a wide variety of Inland Marine Floater business. Inland Marine Floaters can be designed to cover specialized equipment that is on-premises, off-premises, in transit, or any combination thereof.

Inland Marine Floaters Include:

  • Bailee’s Customers: property of others in the insured’s custody for cleaning, servicing or repair
  • Camera Equipment: cameras and video production equipment, worldwide coverage available.
  • Communication Equipment: radio, television, and cell phone networks including towers, off-site switching equipment, mobile equipment and studio equipment
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDP): hardware, software, laptops and related time element exposures; breakdown included and options for transit and off-premises
  • Equipment Dealers: equipment held for sale or leased out, while in transit and while off-premises
  • Exhibition Floaters: property while in transit to/from, and while at, trade shows
  • Miscellaneous Articles Floaters: flexible coverage that can be adapted to many different types of mobile property
  • Musical Instruments: for schools, private organizations or professional musicians; worldwide coverage available
  • Scientific or Medical Equipment: mobile or fixed MRIs, CT Scanners, PET scanners and many other types of equipment
  • Theatrical Property: costumes. props, lighting, sound equipment and other types of property